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Shana Roark

“Trying to fit a city into one bedroom.” This is how Shana Roark describes the art of writing a poem. Inspired by the street art of New York City, Shana began writing poetry on various street corners in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Her sign said, “Pick a Subject/Get a Poem.” At Shana’s poetry-on-demand, people choose a subject and, within minutes, they receive a one-of-a-kind poem crafted from a vintage typewriter. Shana’s poignant words and charismatic personality caught the attention of poetry fans and event planners alike, and she was soon booked to do events across the country. Now, Shana continues to share her poetry with others, describing her favorite part as: “The way the words will live forever as a memento of that moment, that meeting, and that day.” Shana’s debut poetry book, becoming, was published in June 2017 and can be found at Barnes and Noble, independent bookstores in New York, and Amazon.